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Upfrica Music is a dedicated platform for sharing, promoting and selling African music.

How Upfrica Music Works

    1. After sign in to click on Upload to add your new song.
    2. You will have access to the new songs form or you will be redirected to add an Artist first, if no Artist exists under your profile
    3. Carefully fill up all fields in the form, add your mp3 track and hit "Submit"

The site allows mp3 uploads to your profile, up to 10MB per file. Upfrica Song Storage currently allows a total space of 100MB per account.

  • Make sure you have an exclusive right to distribute or upload the material to upfrica.
  • Afrter completing and passing the identity verification, go to the Distribution section of song's edit page(form) and select "Yes" to the "Allow free downloads?" option.
  • You can also add external purchase links where fans can purchase your tracks.
  • We are working around the clock to allow payment of goods and services on Upfrica

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