Safety tips for deal

Always meet the seller face-to-face to make the transaction. Never send payments for items you’ve not seen.

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Use a safe location to meet seller. Meet the merchant in a sufficiently bright and open place, and, if conceivable, bring along a friend.

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If anyone offers to give you money without seeing the item you are selling, be wary. Genuine buyers will want to see the item first.

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Provide only the minimum necessary personal information to complete a transaction.

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Don't hand over the item/car keys until payment has cleared.

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Utilize Upfrica "Contact seller" button or conversation tool for your security and privacy.

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Do not carry large sum of money with you when meeting up with the merchant.

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Tell others when and where you are going to trade, and bring companion to go with you.

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Never give out your bank account or credit card details

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