How To Get Verified On Upfrica Step By Step Guide Step By Step Guide
# 22 Nov, 2019    10 min read
How To Get Verified On Upfrica Step By Step Guide Step By Step Guide


As part of Upfrica verification process we advise all sellers to follow bellow steps and get verified. Buyers are also advised to deal with verified sellers.
An identity check photography is the latest photography taken by the Upfrica account holder, alongside a hand written note. The following are rules indicating how the hand written note must be held to get a photo of both the account holder's face and the hand written note.


  • Plain sheet of paper
  • Pen
  • Camera
  • Access to your Upfrica account and displayname

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Steps / Method

  1. Take a clean sheet of paper
  2. Write your upfrica account displayname (display name comes after "Hello" on your profile page after you've signed in.)
  3. Your date of birth (DD MM YY)
  4. Now hold the hand written paper close to your face
  5. Take a photo of yourself making sure your face and the full paper content is showing 
  6. Go to your profile page (after logged in)
  7. click on "GET VERIFIED TODAY" next to the handshake image
  8. Select "Choose file", upload your photo and hit submit

Your uploaded photo and details will not be shown to public. Only you and our verification team will see this.
Our verification team will check your Uploded photo. Once your identity check photo is approved a green tick will show next to your listings showing "Verified seller"
You can can go back and upload a new photo if your uploaded photo fails verification.



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