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Contactor Type Automatic Transfer Switch (63 100 A)

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    Delivery date:  30 May - 02 Jun  if ordered today
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Contactor Type Automat.. in Ghana Best Sale Price: Upfrica

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    Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) - 63A to 100A

    This Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) seamlessly transfers power between your primary power source and a backup generator (or secondary utility feed) in the event of a power outage. Designed for loads between 63 Amps and 100 Amps, it ensures minimal downtime for essential equipment.

    Here's what it offers:

    - Automatic Switching: Automatically detects power outages and switches to the backup power source within seconds, minimizing disruption.
    - Restores Power Quickly: Prevents equipment damage and data loss caused by power interruptions.
    - Wide Range Compatibility: Works with most single-phase (or three-phase depending on the specific model) power sources and generators.
    - Easy Installation: Designed for simple installation by qualified electricians.
    - Durable Construction: Built to last with high-quality materials for reliable operation.

    Ideal Applications:

    - Homes with sensitive electronics or medical equipment
    - Businesses requiring uninterrupted power supply (UPS) for critical operations
    - Data centers and server rooms
    - Security systems and alarm panels
    - Industrial applications requiring continuous operation

    Additional Features:

    - User-friendly interface for monitoring power status and settings.
    - Programmable transfer delays to allow for generator startup or load shedding.
    - Overload and overcurrent protection safeguards your equipment.

    Seller location: Adentan, Ghana