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Hematologi Analyzer Mindray Bc 3600

2006 sold by Latiefalhakim   Jakarta, ID
Price $3,750 per 1pcs

    Delivery date:  28 Jul - 31 Jul  if ordered today
    Get a $112.50 credit for late delivery

Condition Brand New
Upfrica Item ID R66JBBUV
Item number 0000001708

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Hematologi Analyzer Mi.. in Indonesia Best Sale Price: Upfrica

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    Labs today are facing a multitude of challenges including limited laboratory budgets, increasing requirements for high quality as well as reliable products, a shortage of experienced clinicians and so on. We understand the specific needs of end users, and use them as the foundation for our new solution BC-3600. Complete with an intuitive operation system, convenient data communication interface, excellent performance, BC-3600 is a system solution for satellite labs and clinics.

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    Seller location: Jakarta, Indonesia

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