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Revoobit Miracell+ in Ghana Best Sale Price: Upfrica

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    24 Sachets in a pack (2 boxes with 12 sachets in each box)
    📍What Is Miiracell Plus?

    Miiracell plus- Is a plant based stem cell that triggers, activates, and stimulates the progenitor cells in the bone marrow to release millions of circulating stem cells in the body, these are responsible for the day to day renewal, repair, restoration, rejuvenation, maintenance as well as revival of weak/ dead cells, tissues and organs our our human body
    📍What Is Miiracell formulated to do?

    Miiracell has been formulated by an expert in the field of stem cell research to nutritionally support the metabolism of bone marrow enabling it to produce more stem cells. By doing so, your body will have a greater ability to restore and rejuvenate itself.

    Hence, health issues such as Diabetes, Constipation, Liver Problems, Fertility issues, Insomnia, Ulcers, Cancer of any kind, athritis, eye problem, dementia, stroke, Heart Problems, Kidney disease, Migraines, epilepsy, tumours, brain related problems and any other chronic illnesses can be prevented and addressed by Miiracell+ Stemcell

    Miiracell is FDA Approved (USA) and ISO22000 Certified
    📍What happens as we age?

    As we grow older, our body’s production of stem cells declines steadily, at the very time in life when we are experiencing deteriorating mental acuity and strength, wrinkling skin, fading eye sight, and other signs and symptoms of aging – a time in life when we have greater need for tissue repair than ever before. When you are young, you produce a large number of stem cells; but after age 25, the number you produce continuously drops. Studies have shown that the more stem cells you have, the more effective is your ability to renew, repair, and slow down the signs and symptoms of aging.

    Seller location: Madina, Ghana